Edit-Station 1 is a Tektronix 4010-1 computer owned by the Classic Game Room Empire. Fictionally, he is responsible for editing Classic Game Room HD and CGR Undertow.


Back in 2007, Mark Bussler, being dissatisfied with his editing system, decided to adopt Edit-Station 1 to finish the DVD Classic Game Room: The Rise and Fall of the Internet's Greatest Video Game Review Show. Unfortunately, while Edit-Station 1 did make the final cut impressive, he did not have color. As a result, Mark had to use a different editing system and Edit-Station 1 supposedly died after drinking and commiting suicide. However, it turned out that he was going through an extreme hangover. During the hangover he reviewed Math Gran Prix.

Edit-Station 1 later got his own show called the Edit-Station 1 Show. It only had one episode, which focused on coffee. He also hosted Classic Game Room 2.0 and reviewed Ms. Pac Man alongside Halo 3. Edit-Station 1 was later arrested for cow-tipping. While awaiting trial, he carjacked an El Camino and fled to Canada, where he went missing.

He would reunite with Classic Game Room two years later. They went on the run for a few months until they set up a base in the A.L.F.A.R. Edit-Station 1 is now hiding from the authorities.